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More on Krugman and Bonds

I commented a few days ago on Paul Krugman’s views about the current state of the bond market and mentioned the fact that Pimco has sold all of it’s US government debt, while the Federal Reserve is the largest buyer … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman on the Bond Market

In his latest op-ed in the NY Times, Paul Krugman makes some worthwhile comments about the seriousness of persistent unemployment. However I was struck by this claim – And, for what it’s worth, actual investors — people putting real money … Continue reading

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I am somewhat astonished to read the following that Paul Krugman wrote yesterday, regarding what he says is President Obama “lashing out” at liberal critics of his compromise with the GOP – Leave aside the merits for a moment: what … Continue reading

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Grasping Reality

One of several blogs that I follow on a fairly regular basis is Grasping Reality with Both Hands, by Brad DeLong, Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley. The subtitle of his blog is “The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford … Continue reading

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