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Latest NZ Trade Data

[Last updated 10/31: After re-reading the original version of this post and checking the data from the Statistics Department again, I realized I had misinterpreted a couple of numbers in the Herald article – which I guess illustrates why I … Continue reading

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Lucid Lynx

Yes, I’ve been a little quiet again. My server got hacked and the good folks at slicehost where it lives asked me to rebuild the machine from scratch. It’s taken some effort, not so much for the blog, but more … Continue reading

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Why Banks Aren’t Lending

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry, mainly because I’ve been spending time with some of my family who were visiting from NZ. It was great to have them here, but now that they’re gone … Continue reading

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Ignorance or Hypocrisy?

Last week the US House of Representatives passed the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, a bill that would allow the Commerce Department to impose tariffs on imports from countries it believes manipulate their currencies. The point of the legislation … Continue reading

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Brookings on Controlling the Deficit

The Brookings Institution released a paper today (ok it’s now after midnight – I guess it was yesterday) titled The Future is Now: A Balanced Plan to Stabilize Public Debt and Promote Economic Growth, by William Galston and Maya MacGuineas. … Continue reading

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