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Crimes Against Journalism

Nothing makes me madder than stupid, incompetent journalism. The Sydney Morning Herald’s latest entry in this category is here. if you read nearly half way into the article you find this: This week the Independent Commission Against Corruption named Mr … Continue reading

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Media Self-Censorship

Whoa, it’s 2014 – guess it’s time to have another crack at blogging! So, the media seems to be abuzz this morning with a story about Madonna, who, it is said, has apologized for using a racial slur in an … Continue reading

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John Heilemann: “News products that feed our own biases”

Insightful comment on Morning Joe this morning – Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Good Ol’ Kiwi Optimism

It is remarkable that on a day when major news outlets publish articles with the following headlines: Bloomberg: “Euro Era is Coming to an End” Financial Times: “Thinking the unthinkable on a euro breakup“ Financial Times (again): “The eurozone really … Continue reading

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“Reportedly”, i.e. “Not” – Part 2

Seven days ago, the taxpayer-funded global news-gathering resources of TVNZ brought us this important news – Hayden Panettiere is reportedly dating Mark Sanchez. … She was spotted with the 24-year-old New York Jets quarterback in Laguna Hills, Caliornia yesterday where … Continue reading

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“Reportedly”, i.e. “Not”

Couldn’t quite find a way to fit this into Twitter… From NewstalkZB and dutifully copied verbatim by the NZ Herald: Australian tennis great Ken Rosewall is reportedly in a fight for his life after being admitted to the stroke unit … Continue reading

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Making Up The News

Few things annoy me as much as when the news media engage in speculation about the motives behind things people do and say with minimal substantive basis on which to do so. Two examples have emerged in the last few … Continue reading

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I’m still very absorbed in studying the Rails codebase, and that has been limiting the amount of time I’ve been able to spend in the past week thinking about blogging. However… TVNZ ran an item a few days ago about … Continue reading

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My Unacceptable Comment

It’s been over a week since my last post, though I have been far from idle… I’m in the process of writing a fairly detailed description of how the Rails 3 web framework works internally. Enjoyable work, but time-consuming. I … Continue reading

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Slate’s Libby Copeland on John Boehner

Slate had an article yesterday by Libby Copeland discussing the significance of some recent episodes in which incoming House Speaker John Boehner has cried in public. Her interest follows an emotional speech Boehner gave on the night of the election … Continue reading

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