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Using WP-Syntax with a Twenty-Ten Child Theme

Ok sorry, another esoteric post about software to interrupt my usual musings, but it may help out someone who runs into this issue in the future and goes googling for an answer (since I tried doing so myself unsuccessfully)… In … Continue reading

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Adding Retweets to Twitter Widget Pro

I mentioned yesterday that I have added my twitter feed to the website using the WordPress widget plugin ‘Twitter Widget Pro‘. Although it seemed to be working ok, I noted that the number of tweets being displayed was different from … Continue reading

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Twitter Feed Added to Sidebar

I started using Twitter a few weeks back and I have now added my recent tweets to the sidebar over on the right (at least if you’re reading this on the website and not in a feedreader). I am using … Continue reading

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Lucid Lynx

Yes, I’ve been a little quiet again. My server got hacked and the good folks at slicehost where it lives asked me to rebuild the machine from scratch. It’s taken some effort, not so much for the blog, but more … Continue reading

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The Blog is Back

Well, after more than two years of silence, I am taking a tentative step back into the world of blogging. Part of what made me lose interest before was the hassle of dealing with the Mambo content management system I … Continue reading

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