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Therapeutic Counseling

NBC News reports that conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza has been sentenced to a $30,000 fine, community service and ‘therapeutic counseling’ for illegally routing campaign contributions through other people in an attempt to circumvent donation limits. I’m not a fan of … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everything Is Clear

From the deep thinkers at Investment experts often judge whether stocks are cheap or expensive by comparing the prices to how much money the companies are earning. Really??!!

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A Few Brief Reactions

My rate of blogging here has fallen off somewhat alarmingly in recent weeks – though not for lack of wanting to or things I’d like to write about. I attribute the drop to several things, including the fact that I’ve … Continue reading

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Len Brown Takes the Train – Or Not

I guess this answers the question I posed earlier about whether Len Brown would take the train to work if he didn’t have a political motivation to do so: Even with a political motivation he doesn’t take the train. The … Continue reading

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