Len Brown Takes the Train – Or Not

I guess this answers the question I posed earlier about whether Len Brown would take the train to work if he didn’t have a political motivation to do so: Even with a political motivation he doesn’t take the train.

The NZ Herald reports that since his initial trip with reporters on January 17 and his commitment to “start taking the train to work on a regular basis as part of his commitment to public transport” he hasn’t taken the train to work once.

To be fair, it’s only been a couple of weeks, and a mayor’s work schedule may be a little outside the norm compared with most city workers, but it is interesting that he refused to be interviewed about it by the Herald despite repeated requests.

Even if the Mayor’s schedule sometimes makes taking the train difficult, that very fact highlights a core requirement for public transport to be successful: a high degree of uniformity in the choices that a very large number of people make about the way they organize their lives.

HT: kiwiblog

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