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We Don’t Decide How the Laws Operate. Except When We Do.

I couldn’t help noticing the following quote from President Obama in this morning – We’re a nation of laws. We don’t individually make our own decisions about how the laws operate. The context is an article about the case … Continue reading

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45% of American’s Pay No Income Tax in 2010

The Miami Herald reported yesterday the results of a nationwide McClatchy-Marist poll showing that American’s are 2-1 in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy. Coincidentally, a number of other news outlets reported yesterday a study by the Tax Policy … Continue reading

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Mark Thoma on Government Debt

I was mildly surprised to read the following reaction today from the University of Oregon’s Mark Thoma (no relation :)) to S&P’s negative outlook for US debt (via Brad DeLong): … it’s important to remember that the US debt is … Continue reading

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