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My Unacceptable Comment

It’s been over a week since my last post, though I have been far from idle… I’m in the process of writing a fairly detailed description of how the Rails 3 web framework works internally. Enjoyable work, but time-consuming. I … Continue reading

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Unhappy Meals

The L.A. Times reports – The Center for Science in the Public Interest has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp., claiming that the company’s meals with toys unfairly entice children into eating food that can do them harm… The lead … Continue reading

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Slate’s Libby Copeland on John Boehner

Slate had an article yesterday by Libby Copeland discussing the significance of some recent episodes in which incoming House Speaker John Boehner has cried in public. Her interest follows an emotional speech Boehner gave on the night of the election … Continue reading

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Discovery News on St Ismeria – Misrepresenting the Research

Yesterday yesterday carried an article by Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News about new research on the medieval legend of St Ismeria. The article referenced a paper by Dr Catherine Lawless from the University of Limerick that examines the story … Continue reading

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I am somewhat astonished to read the following that Paul Krugman wrote yesterday, regarding what he says is President Obama “lashing out” at liberal critics of his compromise with the GOP – Leave aside the merits for a moment: what … Continue reading

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