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Are We Really Just Animals?

The NZ ACT Party’s Hillary Calvert generated some controversy last week during a discussion about battery hen cages. From TVNZ – We care about people ahead of silly little chickens,” Calvert said. Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE) says the comments … Continue reading

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Making Up The News

Few things annoy me as much as when the news media engage in speculation about the motives behind things people do and say with minimal substantive basis on which to do so. Two examples have emerged in the last few … Continue reading

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Discovery News on St Ismeria – Misrepresenting the Research

Yesterday yesterday carried an article by Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News about new research on the medieval legend of St Ismeria. The article referenced a paper by Dr Catherine Lawless from the University of Limerick that examines the story … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I watched an interview that Tavis Smiley did recently with Time magazine columnist Joe Klein on PBS (video here) and I was struck by this statement Klein made while talking about people he met on a … Continue reading

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