So Far in January…

Jan. 1: Qantas flight QF41 from Sydney to Jakarta returned to Sydney half an hour after take-off after the crew received a cockpit message alert.

Jan. 6: Qantas flight QF430 from Melbourne to Sydney with 214 passengers on board turned back to Melbourne after a cockpit indicator showed a possible problem with one of the plane’s wingflaps.

Jan. 15: Qantas flight QF11 from Sydney to Los Angeles with 344 passengers on board sustained a contained turbine blade failure while preparing for take-off.

Jan. 19: Qantas flight QF107 from Sydney to Los Angeles with 375 passengers on board made an unscheduled ‘priority’ landing in Nadi, Fiji, due to a fault in a fuel valve supplying one of its engines.

Jan. 25: Qantas flight QF670 from Adelaide to Melbourne with 99 passengers on board was forced to rapidly descend 26,000 feet after a sudden cabin depressurization 30 minutes from Melbourne.

But there are six days to go…

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