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Of self-acknowledged liberals in the media, one who I generally enjoy listening to quite a lot is Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball show – though not so much some of his guests, whether conservative or liberal. The following clip from Matthews’ show tonight features one liberal whose comments I found particularly objectionable – David Corn of Mother Jones.

Corn comments as follows on the possibility of Sarah Palin running for President, following a short clip from an interview she did recently with Barbara Walters…

Pat Buchanan’s old friend Ronald Reagan, there was a saying associated with him, “do it for the gipper”. With Sarah Palin it looks like her saying is “do it for the hell of it.”

Look, I am not any kind of fan of Sarah Palin. She may have some positive instincts and great charisma as a public figure, but I personally think she lacks the kind of intellectual resources and judgment needed to cope with the demands of being President. However Corn’s comments go way, way beyond any serious attempt to assess her ability to be a good President. Instead he chooses to go straight for a cheap shot at her character that is in no way supported by, or even connected with, the interview with Barbara Walters. It is pure political hackery of the worst kind.

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