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Gareth Morgan on NZ Property

Interesting article today in the NZ Herald by Gareth Morgan, particularly in light of my observations yesterday about NZ property prices… He expresses the view that the recent collapse of South Canterbury Finance is a reflection in part of the … Continue reading

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Interesting Property Statistics

Some interesting statistics on US residential mortgages in the Wall St Journal… 23% of all mortgages in the US are underwater – the owners owe more than the homes are worth. The worst state is Nevada where 68.1% are underwater … Continue reading

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He Was Right – They Were Wrong

I’ve just finished reading Peter Schiff’s book How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes. He presents a pretty interesting account of the history of the US (more broadly, western) economy in the form of kind of a parable. By … Continue reading

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NZ Venture Investment Fund

The New Zealand Herald reports that the Government has made an additional NZ$40 million available for investment in new venture capital funds. It seems pretty sad to me that there isn’t enough private sector capital available to support new enterprise … Continue reading

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Kindle – Good News, Bad News

So far I’m really happy with my Kindle. Early impressions are that it is going to cause me to read a lot more books than I otherwise would, which I’m sure makes Amazon happy. Part of the reason is the … Continue reading

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Feds Sue Arizona College Administration

A number (frankly a small number) of news sources reported a couple of days ago that the Justice Department is suing the Maricopa Community College District in Arizona, supposedly for discriminating against non-citizens in its hiring practices (Washington Post,, … Continue reading

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